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All those swiped & convinced by the power of digital marketing and enjoys playing with this art, can become the certified trainers in Digital Marketing; delivering the Digital Marketing training to the masses at an individual or company level


  • The high need & urge of the market for learning Digital Marketing can be sufficed
  • The 'Talent' that is still not arrived at the right position in the market, must get a platform to manifest his/her domain expetise & talent using digital marketing
  • Creating qualitative Digital Marketing trainers will help us in eradication of unemployment at a faster pace.

USP of DMC Certified Digital Marketing Trainer Program

  • As we rightly said that Digital marketing is not a regular classroom and theoretical subject, thus we do not have to create the trainers just for the heck of creating them.

We have an authentic and tested pattern for Trainer's program with an aim to make him/her an expert practically. Therefore, at DMC a person becomes the certified trainer when he/she goes with our superb "Digital Expert" workflow and performs after learning the same.

Under Digital Expert workflow, a trainer after the completion of all the modules have to work on the live projects for 100 hours before he/she is acknowledged as a DMC Certified Digital Marketing Training Expert.

Pre-requisities or minimum criteria for being a Certified Digital Trainer

  • You should have the clarity about the power of Digital Marketing.
  • You should love to do and share things about Digital Marketing and Digital World.

Above two are the minimum criterias to enroll for Certified Digital Marketing Trainer Program. Rest you belong to any specific industry or field and even a non-graduate, you can go for it.

Why become DMC Certified Digital Marketing Trainer?

  • The growth of career is infinite in Digital Marketing
  • Moreover, any digital idea clicked can give you a fantastic immediate growth, like flipkart.
  • DMC Certified Digital Marketing Trainer means spread the digital marketing knowledge, and also run & manage your own venture digitally.
  • Digital Marketing has a marvellous financial growth.