Digitization is taking place at a super rapid rate while creating a fantastic impact factor on every market, and thus every single individual & company is trying to get digitized. Looking at such a drastic shift & high need in the market, Digital Marketing Companion has a great desire to suffice the need of the people for learning digital marketing across the globe.

Therefore, DMC has opened its authentic doors to welcome new Digital Training Cafe Partner Companions to join their hands with DMC and be a leading part in creating a bench mark for Digital Marketing in their respective regions.

Objectives behind creating Certified Digital Partners

  • Every Individual and company operating in any region do not have the access of skilled digital marketing resources, can get the privilege to take the benefit of Digital Marketing to leverage their personality or company or career.
  • Using the power of Digital Marketing, creating employment opportunities for the people in all the regions of the country.
  • Make the people learn the art of Digital Marketing so that the young talented people can self create their own platform for manifesting their talent globally.
  • Assist the Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Companies, Working Professionals and students in leveraging their business and career.

Why become DMC Digital Marketing Learning Cafe Partner

  • Highly profitable, ever growing, great expereince and sustainable ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Opportunity to be a digital marketing leader of your region in providing digital marketing solutions to various industries and spreading its knowledge within the masses.
  • Helps you in leveraging you existing business or if you start with a new venture.
  • Recognition for being an official franchise channel partner of Digital Marketing Companion

What it requires to be a partner of DMC?

  • Descent space availability
  • People with the knowledge of Digital World or operating in the same domain will get an edge over other partner applications
  • You should have a will and an urge for digitizing your own region. Trust me money will automatically going to follow you
  • You should be financially stable and must carry a finance backup in order to run the Digital Marketing cafe smoothly & successfully.

Process for becoming an "Official Franchise Partner of DMC"

  • Complete and Submit the Franchise Partnership Online Application
  • Our Franchise Partnership Evaluation(FPE) team will review the same
  • Once the application is approved, we will share the complete proposal and contract for being an official partner
  • Proposal Acceptance and Signing of the official agreement
  • Developing the DMC Digital Marketing Learning Cafe within your region
  • Setting up the marketing strategies & implementing the same
  • Going Live in the market in your region