About DMC

Digital Marketing Companion specilizes in sharing the art & practical knowledge of Digital Marketing with repect to various industry verticals. This empowers the business owners, entrepeneurs, professionals and students to make smart & intelligent marketing choises for their business or career.

DMC is delivering the Digital Marketing solution to almost all the industry verticals, and is one of the leading company in conceptualizing & executing the digital marketing strategy.

How We are Different?
Mock Industry Specific Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Companion has its expertise in delivering the internet marketing solutions to its clients of various industry. It is our commitment & expertise, due to which we have given marvelous result to our clients in the market & sales. At the same point of time DMC also conceptualize & develop the applications which ease-out & make the process of Digital Marketing more smarter.

Our this expertise for such a long time in the industry gave us the intuitive idea of spreading our digital marketing knowledge through "Digital Marketing Learning Cafe" with the professionals, students, corporates or business owners, using which we can create execellent digital marketers and can mobilize all the industries.

Therefore, our strategy of knowledge sharing in "Digital Marketing Learning Cafe" is very unique, friendly, fun loving, powerful and is based on the approach of "Industry Specific Digital Marketing".