Educational Institutions

With the strong air of Digitization almost every single youth uses internet to acquire knowledge, do shopping, take advices, etc. In a nut shell today's youth is completely dependent on the internet. Even when it comes to his/her career they oftenly use internet in order to draw comparison amoung the different universities offering a same particular program and to check their overall review from the alumini.

Such a drastic shift in the habit of a youth's thought process provoked the need for a smarter marketing approach with an ultimate resultant as Education Institution specific Digital Marketing. This program leverages the business of all the institution owners and boosts the career of the professionals working in such intitutions. The types of institution that will get benefited from this program are the schools, colleges, private coachings, competitive exams coaching, etc.

Training Program Deliverables
  • Interactive Educational portal under your own brand name using which you can setup your Digital Institution and can connect the student with your own e-Campus so as to mobilize the learning process of your institution. The portal also carries a teacher training tools using which we can spread the knowledge in a free flow.
  • Digital Tools to generate potential leads of the aspirant for your institutional courses.
  • DMC Hall Marked Certificate acknowledging you as a Digital Marketeer and specialization in the field of Educational institutions.
  • Free consulting & doubt sessions with our experts after the completion of the training program.
  • Workbook and Practical Study Material
Training Program Advantages
  • Practical learning of all the modules with live implementation of the same. Learn the art to Entice, Engage & Enroll
  • Learn to manage your own permanent Digital Institution to mobilize your institute as a brand and more new enrollments should be accomplished for your courses.
  • Generate highly potential leads for the enrollments in your courses
  • No need to invest in expensive offline marketing as the outcome of the convential marketing cannot be calculated accurately.
  • For the working professionals in educational institutions, this program will propel your career in providing an ultimate growth.

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Digital Marketing Introduction

How Online Marketing can make you a leading Institution and can give you the enrollments beyond your imagination

Managing your Interactive Digital Institution and using the same for the marketing of your own institution

Search Engine Optimization : Learn to establish your credebility with millions of Aspiring students.

Google Adwords : Generate potential leads for your course enrollments

Google Analytics : Performance analysis, monitoring your business conversion and analysing the market reaction on your institution & courses

Social Media Marketing : Art of creating awareness about your institute and the various courses being offered

Blog Marketing : Art to remain connected with masses and make them your follower

Email Marketing : Grab leads for the courses you offer

Online Display Advertising : Creating massive awareness of your institution

Content Marketing : Planning for higher level marketing

Lead Generation for your institution to fill the required seats in respective courses

Online Reputation Management of your own college or institute