• Frequently Asked Question
  • Is there any minimum qulaification required for being an digital marketer?

    No, you do not require any degree or qualification for being an internet marketer. You need to know the basic fundamentals of computer and then you are 100% eligible to be an Internet Marketer.

  • Why should I choose Digital Marketing Companion for becoming Digital Marketer?

    DMC is one of the leading company providing the digital marketing solutions to various companies of different verticals. It is our live expertise in the market that has motivated us to spread the live practical knowledge in the market through "Internet Marketing Learning Cafe", thus giving the right, updated, optimized & result oriented knowledge as per the scenario of that industry.

  • What is Business model specific digital marketing or What is the difference between the various digital marketing programs designed for the various industries? Which one should i choose?

    Like market of each industry has a big competition scale and different kind of cha1lenges, it is very important to understand the practical technicalities of Internet Marketing with respect to that particular domain. Also, this is a fact that the internet marketing budgets depends on business model. Therefore, in order to fulfill the actual demand that we should produce real internet marketers, we have come-up with business model specific digital marketing. There is no difference in the root fundamentals of digital marketing what so ever the case is; its just that the differenciation comes when we have to understand the real stats of internet marketing with respect to the business verticals. In case you are not associated with any of the business vertical then you can opt for the generic digital marketing program or else go for business model specific digital marketing which will given you an edge of practical internet marketing knowledge for that business vertical.

  • How Internet Marketing can be beneficial for my business?

    The best part about Internet Marketing is that you can have the strategic analysis of your maketing, thus showing you the clear crisp performance & results of your internet marketing campeign. Inernet Marketing can leverage your busines to greater heights and at the same point of time it is economical, instant, highly result oriented and most efficient. Even a CEO of a multi national company can add-on a great value to his knowledge which he can apply to grow his company. Highly recommended for small or big business owners & entrepenuer.

  • How Digital Marketing is beneficial for a professional?

    Digital Marketing has the real power to take your career upto sky. Today there is a high demand of digital marketing in the market, but there is a scaricity of working professionals in internet marketing domain. Thorough & practical knowledge of Digital Marketing can get you at a platform where your career will be at par. DMC visualizes digital marketing as such a powerful tool that can eradicate unemployment from India upto 90%.

  • How Digital Marketing is beneficial for a student?

    Digital Marketing empowers you with the access of the global market. Student having the overall knowledge of digital marketing can easily earn his/her pocket money online and can also create a platform to showcase his /her talent at World Wide Web.

  • Are my trainers expert?

    Yes, all the people delivering trainings are the trainers by passion and not just by the professions; that means my trainers are the leading experts of digital marketing in their own industry domain as they are currently applying their skills & knowledge practically to mobilize the giant companies of their respective domains.

  • Will I get any corporate placement assisstance on successfully completion of the course?

    Doing a trainig program at DMC means that you will be that much skilled in digital marketing through which you can get automatically placed using your own self caliber. Still in order to give you clarity; Yes, we have a dedicated cell "DMC Skilled Digital Visionaries" for assisting the skilled digital marketer in placing them as a digital marketer to the various industries as per their personality & capability.

  • Is it possible to pursue Digital Marketing with job or studies?

    Yes, it is surely very easy to do the Digital Marketing Program simultaneously because unlike other courses or programs, digital marketing is a very fun loving program which is not like any class room teaching, but in-fact it is conducted in a very relaxing, productive & healthy environment. Even learning & implementing Digital Marketing with studies could be more fruitful as you will get the time to purse those things professionaly that your heart desires, and eventually by the time you are on the verge of completing your studies, your commitment might reap something huge at global level. We have success stories for the same (Check it Out)

  • Are you offering individual program module of digital marketing?

    Yes, we do offer the individual program module as descriped within the websie.

  • In case I missed a session within the training program, then how i will going to cover-up?

    At times you can take a repetitive

  • Can Digital Marketing help us in reaching out to the customer of such a business model which has no demand online?

    Yes, Digital Marketing is very much proficient in dealing with such a scenario where you can create the demand of your product or service online and then sell the same online.