Why DMC?

There are very strong factors and logical reasons that will 100% going to convenience you that "Yes, DMC has great USPs and is superb". It is due to the following factors only, that we do not call ourselves as market leader but in-fact We are "Digital Visionary"

  • DMC is one of the corollary of ISOLSGROUP. Since the inception of our group, one of our sister company has be providing digital marketing solutions to the companies & brands relating to different verticals such as real estates, hotel & travel, educational institutions, FMCG, Financial Firms, Software companies and many more. It is our vast practical expertise of various industry sectors that we have blended in our Digital Marketing Training Program, and the resultant is; "We have the most unique & finest Digital Marketing Training Program".
  • Our training programs are completely practical oriented with live implementation, that is the reason we have designed "Business & Industry Specific Digital Marketing Training Program", and right from the second day we provide each trainee required business model specific tools & applications worth Rs80000 to Rs200000, free of cost under their proprietary name so that they can go live in the market while the training program progresses.
  • We assist each trainee individually in understanding & implementing the fact that Digital Marketing carries the high potential to mobilize their personality and how it proves to be beneficial for them in a longer run.
  • Factually & honestly speaking digital marketing is not a classroom teaching, therefore we have launched a concept of Digital Marketing Cafe where learning digital marketing is a complete FUN with practical knowledge implementation.
  • We have a dedicated cell for supporting budding entrepenuer trainees to leverage their unique idea or an innovative venture.
  • For the business owners & entrepenuers we have created a workflow with an aim that they should able to experience a remarkable improvement in the business or venture before they conclude their training program at DMC.
  • For working professionals, we focus to aline them practically with the industry's digital marketing needs so as to make them surpass in their career growth.