Founder's Desk

Digital Marketing is an intuitive concept and indeed a fantastic way to tap the market intelligently with the strategic analysis of the same.

As a technology freak and Digital Visionary i always wanted to experience the power of Digital Marketing, therefore with an urge to experience it practically we started implementing the digital marketing in different scenario of various industries, and soon we accomplished to create very strong successful evidences for various industry verticals that gave me a superb visualization of the Digital World for mobilizing the organised & un-organised industry verticals.

Indeed, digital marketing is purely an intellectual concept as it has not something to do with marketing only, but in-fact digital marketing has the power to embrace one's personality and empowers you to create a launching platform for your own success. Thus digital marketing is for everyone who wishes to do something great in his/her life. Therefore, we at DMC has conceptualized & developed digital marketing programs which are industry specific.

Digital India Network, a sister concern of DMC specializes in handling and providing digital marketing solutions to all scales of companies. Our this expertise of practically providing the digital marketing solutions in the market to create the brands online led to the inception of Digital Marketing Companion with an objective to spread this amazing pratical knowledge that has the real potential to leverage the success of every business owner, enterpenuer, working professional, students and job seeker

" I personally visulaize digital marketing as such a powerful tool that can eradicate unemployment from India upto 90% and can boast the overall indian economy. "

Er. Ujjwal Chugh
Founder & CEO