Our 360 Holistic Digital Makreting Training Curriculum consists of one module of "Ecommerce Marketing" out of 17 comprehensive modules. But looking into the competition existing within the ecommerce industry and technical challenges faced at different levels of Digital Marketing, this calls for the need of Digital Marketing program tailor crafted in order to complement the success timeline of the people operating in the ecommerce industry as the owners or working professionals.

This program is for all those running their own ecommerce, planning to start their ecommerce or working in the Online ecommerce companies like flipkart, myntra, etc. The program focuses on understanding the varied competition exsiting within the ecommerce industry and finally learning the art & strategy of practically promoting your own online ecommerce shop depending on the type of products you are trying to sell and the target audience you want to tap. In the real time scenario selling of shoes online is very much different from the selling of indian ethnic wears, thus there is a need to understand the same in order to act smartly.

In order to suffice our digital marketing program's core ideology of "Go Live with Arms and Act Smartly", we provide each individual with a high end professional ecommerce under their own proprietary name, and other tools required to do the internet marketing intelligently and accurately. Moreover the ecommerce which you get is not built on any CMS platform like wordpress, magento, opencart, etc as these platforms have their own limitations due to which they can be only implemented upto mid scale level. The ecommerce which you will be getting from us is our own propriatary technology enabled with all the features like online payment gateway and digital marketing tools embedded in it. Add on to this you can scale upto to large size level, and generally in the market if you ask a software company to develop such an ecommerce online shop it won't cost you less than 1.5 Lac rupees.

Training Program Deliverables
  • Fully Functional eCommerce Online Shop enabled with all set of features & online payment gateway using which you will receive the payments in your account, highly user friendly control panel for a lay man to operate and digital marketing apps integrated in order to assist you in digital marketing of your own ecommerce.
  • Digital Marketing Toolkit for increasing the visibility & sales
  • DMC Hall Marked Certificate acknowledging you as a Digital Marketeer and specialization in the field of Ecommerce - Online Shopping
  • Free assistance & doubt sessions with our experts after the completion of the program
  • Workbook and Practical Study Material
Training Program Advantages
  • Practical learning of all the ecommerce digital marketing modules with live implementation of the same
  • Understanding the category of product, its current need in the online market and steps which you need to consider while making a product online available.
  • Understanding the Higher Level ecommerce marketing which deals with the customer or visitor behaviour.
  • Strategies to adopt in order to get least affected from the competitors
  • Specifically for the working professionals from the ecommerce industry, this program can give you a shinning horizon in your career.
  • Real time case studies of giant Online eCommerce Shops

Download Program Ecommerce Digital Marketing Program Curriculam


Digital Marketing Introduction

Visualization of Internet

Managing your own professional hi-end Ecommerce

Search Engine Optimization: How to rate oin the top of Google

Google Adwords: Selling your product online within overnight

Google Analytics: Performance Analysis & Increasing your ecommerce sales conversion

Social Media Marketing: Popularizing & branding your Ecommerce company

Email Marketing: Retargeting your exisiting clients as per their buying interest

Online Display Advertising: Promoting the products of your Online Shop

Specialized Ecommerce Marketing

Mobile Marketing: Increasing sales conversion rate on m-commerce

Affiliate Marketing: Planning for exceptionally good sales of your online shop

Content Marketing: Better stability of ecommerce on the top of google

Online Reputation Management of your ecommerce

Launching a Live Marketing Campaign for your eCommerce