" 3 Hours of Free Demo Session on Internet Marketing at DMC "

Objective of Demo Session

Digital Marketing Companion is conducting free demo sessions of 3 Hours on Digital Marketing at regular intervals for the business owners, enterpenuers, working professionals, college students and job seekers with the following objectives:

  • Practically understanding Digital Marketing
  • Difference between Digital & Internet Marketing
  • Why to learn Internet Marketing and how to outshine your career, profession or business using Internet Marketing?
  • Components of Digital Marketing (Such as Lead Generation, Traffic generation, etc)
  • How Digital Marketing is Industry & Business model specific?
  • How business owners or enterpenuers can use Digital Marketing to increase their business at a rapid rate?
  • How working professionals can leverage their career growth instantly using Digital Marketing?
  • How a college student can expand his knowledge band, can become financially independent and can give better shape to his/her enterpenueral career?
  • Founder of DMC - A Digital Visionary, has created some very strong evidences which has given him a very strong visualization that Digital Marketing is such a powerful tool that can eradicate unemployment from India upto 90%. So all the job seekers will get an opportunity to know that how they can earn just sitting at their home.
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